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Friday, September 11, 2015

Learn How to Attract Your Customers Attention

After your success to find customers to your business as mentioned before Identify Customers for Your Business  then you need to know:

-       How will you attract your consumer’s attention?
-       How will you get them to purchase your product?
-       How they come back to you for repeat purchases?

The answer will be the marketing and advertising which should answer the following questions:  

     ·    What is your (Unique Selling Point) USP –how should you transmit that message?

     ·    What can you do to assure customer retention?

     ·    How can you exceed customers’ expectations?

     ·   Can you offer some type of guarantee?

     ·   What are the best advertising routes to reach customers?

Some of the more common advertising routes include Websites, Social networking sites (such as Face book, LinkedIn, twitter, Google+ ), Radio, Television, E-mail marketing, E-bay, You Tube, Internet, magazines, newspapers. Trade magazines, Forums and Billboards.

Social media advertising, blogging, and use of other online social forums, has rapidly become one of the biggest platforms on which to advertise your business.

What type of advertising will work best for your business depends on who you are trying to reach, your budget, and your product. You need to find the most cost effective method for you.

All of this information will be valuable in formulating your business plan. Having all this information at your fingertips will give you an edge over your competitors, an understanding of your client base and will improve your businesses chances of survival.
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