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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tips to Boost Your Business- Part 2

Tips to Boost Your business

There are a lot of general tips you should follow to boost your business such:

        1.    Use a personalized paid email address: In case you are using a free email address          like yahoo, hotmail, msn or any other free email, please stop using it immediately as                you are harming your business by doing so. Free email address look very                               unprofessional and create a poor impression about you. So start using an email                     address which is like as soon as possible.

       2.    Build your company website: If you are in business and you do not have a website           you are losing business. No matter what your argument may be, a website is becoming           a qualifying criterion for buyers to select people they want to talk to. Not having a                    website reduces the number of people who would be interested in talking to you.
       3.    Make it easy for people to contact you: The below three points are a basic minimum:

         A. Having voice mail on all your phone lines: Basically, you must have a system where       a person can leave a message if your phone is busy or no one is there to attend it so             that you do not miss anyone trying to contact you.

         B. Having a dedicated fax line: Faxes nowadays are mostly being sent by some fax              software. So if you have a system where a fax tone is given on request, chances are            you will not receive the fax.

         C. Always including complete contact details in all emails you send. A simple way is         to use signature files.

        4. Review your website critically: If you have a website, look at it critically from a buyer's      viewpoint and see if your website does the following:

           A. Make the visitor believe you know your business well.

           B. Provide more information than competitors.

           C. Enhance your credibility.

           D. Make the visitor feel like contacting you.

           E. Is your contact information easily accessible?

       5. Understand the mindset of your buyer: Learn to listen and understand the pulse of the      potential buyer. Find out what drives him. Although I know all of you will jump and say           'price', you know that there is millions of dollars of business being done at a price much           higher than the 'best possible price' even when buyers know that. It is being done                   because of timely delivery, quality assurance, excellent communication, comfort level             or special customization, etc. Each buyer has some factors he holds as key.                     Once you know that, you should be able to reassure him on that front.

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