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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Importing from China – 7 Tips to Follow

Importing from China – 7 tips

Do not buy in bulk from a factory until you have their samples in your hands and you love them.

Do not let the provider convince you that they cannot send individual samples, they try to rip you off.

Do not pay with another method, but PayPal for the first six months with your provider. This eliminates a lot of risks.

Do not buy from a company that will not accept PayPal. What this really means is that they had a PayPal account, and it was closed because of complaints.

Do not buy shit infringement. Not that there is no money to be made there, it is just bad business to build.

Do not buy a lot of stocks in the beginning. Start with buying from  1-5 units at a time until you build the money to reinvest in the inventory.

Do not give these providers your personal email. The mail is actually fragmented and unusable for years
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