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Friday, October 16, 2015

How to brand your business? Part-2

How to brand your business?

A perfect branding takes time to develop. You cannot achieve overnight. He needs proper guidance, nurturing, and strategic expertise. So, here's a list of some don'ts that you may need to consider:

1. Do not make your business services or real company brand products. Your corporate brand should be the spokesperson for your products or services. It should lead your business to its highest peaks.

2. Do not make your company logo of your company's brand. Your logo should describe what your corporate brand stands for.

3. Do not create a logo that is apparently in line with newer models. It might not look appealing after 10 years and will just give an outdated impression on your corporate identity.

Therefore, keep in mind that the company logo is an information element that serves as a reminder of a particular brand. For example, the logos for Apple, Google, Nike and Puma, they transmit all dimensions of their marks in a single glance and components are clean, simple, catchy, effective and memorable. These are the types of company brand you want; something that creates basic introductions and bears the name of your business wherever it goes.

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