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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Why Trade for Developing Countries? – Part 1

Why Trade for Developing Countries?

            1. Trade can contribute to boost development and reduce poverty by generating growth through increased trade and investment opportunities, as well as the expansion of the productive base through the development of the private sector.

             2. Trade strengthens competitiveness by helping developing countries reduce   input costs, acquire finance through investment, increase the added value of their  products and move up the global value chain.

             3. Trade facilitates export diversification allowing developing countries access to  new markets and new materials which open a new production possibility.

             4. Trade encourages innovation by facilitating the exchange of know-how, technology and investment in research and development, including foreign direct investment (FDI).

             5. Trade openness expands business opportunities for local companies by  opening up new markets, removing unnecessary barriers and making it easier for  them to export.
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